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Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival

Cabin with Mattress - CCJD 2007

0rganized with Wonder Valley Arts
February-March 2008



  the Festival:
cabin with 2 doors - CCarraher 2007
cabin with 2 doors cc/2007


Wonder Valley
Homestead Cabin

Feb-March 2008

Homestead Obsession
Chris Carraher, Robert Arnett,
Perry Hoffman, Scott Monteith

Opening reception Saturday, Feb. 9
2-7 p.m.

with special presentations/performances by
Kim Stringfellow, Cathy Allen,
Ellie Greenwood

Homestead Show 'n Tell
at The Palms

The homestead cabins that dot the wild desert landscape of Wonder Valley can provoke both curiosity and unease in the outsider, but to the residents of Wonder Valley they’re home. They connect us as a community.

Through the arts, the Wonder Valley Homestead Cabin Festival will explore the cultural legacy of the Small-Tract Homestead Act in Southern California's high desert.

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