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Disappearance and the Homesteads of the Mojave     
Additional Dimensions Cabin Overwhelmed by the Sun Homestead with Hanging Wire Homestead Losing Roof No. 2 Homestead with Chimney and Picture Window
Homestead with Chimney

Inclining Homestead

Little Homestead of the High Desert Three Planes on Magenta Three Walls
Two Walls (Blue, Violet) Two Walls (Cobalt, Indigo, Vermilion) Two Walls (Gray, Reds) Two Walls (Ochre, Viridian, Violet) Two Walls (Rose and Yellow)
Two Walls (Violet and Geranium Lake) Two Walls (Yellow, Viridian, Blue) Untitled Homestead (Blue, Yellow, Green) Untitled Homestead (Orange and Blue) Untitled Homestead (Prussian Blue, Green, Violet)
Untitled Homestead (Reds on Chromium Green) Untitled Homestead (Violet-gray and Persimmon on Wheat) Yellow Cabin with Vent - Carraher 2016    


In an arid land the boundaries of the derelict homestead cabin are liquid, hanging between precipitance and dissolution. The cabin is a metaphor for disappearance in a land of disappearance, a land into which we fear, and sometimes long, that we ourselves might disappear.

— notes, Culver Center of the Arts/UC Riverside, 2013



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